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A.    Position:                             Administration and finance manager

B.   Work place:                         Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

C.   Reference on project:         2018/400-876, EuropeAid/154836/DD/ACT/BA

D.   Duration:                              February 25th, 2019 – December 31st, 2020   

                                                      (subject to extension or change)     

E:  Background

Aarhus Resource Center Sarajevo (abbr. AC) in partnership with the Center for Environment (CfE), Centre for Ecology and Energy (CEE) and with the financial support of the European Union implements the action entitled “Eko BiH”.

    The UNECE Environmental Performance Review: Bosnia and Herzegovina[1] noted that: “information on environment is limited, while prominence is given to issues that are often opposed environmental interests”. This Action is aimed at building capacities of the Eko-BiH civil society organization (CSO) members to become relevant partners to decision makers and at increasing network capacities for articulation and presentation of the its joint positions on environmental policy making and EU integration processes. The representation of BiH environmental CSOs in different entities, national or international consultations or initiatives is still inadequate and without sufficient coordination and influence, as noted in Bosnia and Herzegovina Progress Report 2016.


      Capacity building of environmental CSOs and grassroots in BiH represents a direct response to the global objective of the program to support involvement of the CSOs in development of environmental strategies and EU integration processes. The focus of capacity building in the first part of the action will be on internal structure, human, financial and technical capacities of the individual organization as well as a network in order to consolidate network and its members. The second part of the capacity building will be committed to development and improvement of knowledge about EU environmental acquis (Chapter 27), process of transposition of EU directives into domestic legislation and methods for monitoring and evaluation of enacting and implementation of environmental strategies.


      The consolidation of environmental CSOs and grassroots will build network to become an inevitable factor and empower it with know-how to respond on environmental and climate change issues which is directly responding to the specific objective of the program. Member organizations of Eko-BiH with less developed capacities will get a chance to learn from experienced experts from strong environmental CSOs within the network about organizational management, strategic planning and communicating, fundraising and sustainability. Besides, this action is focused to build their knowledge on their possibilities to access environmental information and participate in decision-making using different methods of advocacy work. With that knowledge and skills, Eko-BiH CSOs will represent a relevant actor in decision making on environmental matters and authorities-CSOs dialogue at entity/district/state level. By engaging CSOs resources through the network, supporting CSOs and grass-roots initiatives that work on environmental issues for policy work and public advocacy campaigns, we are expecting to have a meaningful influence on environmental policies in B&H. All these actions will contribute to visibility of the environmental CSOs positions and general awareness rising on very important process and reforms of BiH towards EU integration.


           In terms of technical and management capacity, the action will strengthen CSOs’ knowledge and coordinated efforts to provide analysis, advocacy and monitoring of key environmental reforms at the local and entity levels and development of policies for environment and climate change, including through much-needed human resources for co-ordination of national work and increased visibility. It will also aim to improve the environment for civil activism and structured dialogue with local, cantonal, entity and national authorities and other stakeholders like experts, business and media. Ultimately, the project will boost the legitimacy and visibility of environmental CSOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina through strengthened coordination and sustainability of Eko-BiH.


          The project will also position active and knowledgeable Eko-BiH members to serve as hubs for capacity-building of other Eko-BiH members. They will provide training to smaller CSOs and grassroots initiatives that can improve their understanding of, and access to decision-making processes, e.g. building effective advocacy and communication strategies, mobilizing resistance to corrupt practices and poor management, engaging in legal cases and using grievance mechanisms. Their ability to manage funds and carry out local initiatives will be improved through the sub-granting scheme of this project. Partners will also offer guidance and assistance to local grassroots groups in monitoring and influencing EU environmental approximation. Specific project activities will focus on environmental leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina to provide education tailored to their needs and interests.


         The project will also help journalists to better understand the issues highlighted by environmental CSOs. It will focus on training exchanges and building strong relationships with particular journalists who will give more detailed and accurate coverage to environmental issues, locally, nationally and internationally. The activities aimed at journalists will filter through to citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina, making sure that they are not only better informed about environmental issues but also proactively seeking solutions and gradually building their belief that they can contribute to bringing change.


         As a result of the project activities, governments in Bosnia and Herzegovina should improve their understanding of environmental problems through inputs from affected individuals and communities as well as other CSOs. In order to lead to more efficient governance, the project partners will consistently and pro-actively participate in consultation procedures in decision-making and push for their improvement. The project’s advocacy campaigns can also help Bosnia and Herzegovina officials to get citizens’ perspectives about the structural issues and state of policy reform in the country and identify the ways forward for its EU integration in the fields of environment and climate change.


          In general, environmental protection, legal practice and consulting on the application of the current environmental protection laws, primarily the Aarhus Convention, is the main focus of the Aarhus Canter in BiH / Arhus Canter Sarajevo (AC). 

F:  Objective of the project

Overall objective of the Action is to strengthen the involvement of CSOs in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of environment and climate change sector strategies, policies and decision making  processes with regards to EU integration.


Specific objectives of the action are:


a)    To improve transparency and strategic planning of environmental CSOs and grassroots in BiH;

b)    To support financial autonomy by encouraging cooperation, exchange of experiences and resources for common actions;

c)    To enable effectiveness, reliability and visibility of Eko-BiH network’s activities and impacts.


G:  Tasks and Scope of work

Administration and finance manager will be in charge and responsible for ongoing accounting services and financial reporting in the above mentioned EU project, in regards to the activities of the Aarhus Center Sarajevo in the project. He/she will be assisting the Project Partner Manager in this project, regarding the overall administrative and financial issues, reporting and communication among the partners. 


The content of information received during the engagement is subject to protection and is owned by AC. It may not be used either in its entirety or in part by third parties without consent of the Owner. The use of information is possible and justified only if it is a part of the activities of the implementing project.


I:  Reporting

Administration and finance manager shall draw up reports and documents in accordance with the scope of the ToR and agreement with the Project Partner Manager. S/he will present her/his time sheets to the Project Partner Manager. All the reports shall be elaborated in English language.


J: Value of the bid and payment

The value of the bid must be presented in Euros gross. Any costs required to pay tax and related fees needs to be included in offered price.


K: Time schedule and Remuneration


Launch Tender


January 25,th  2019

Close of the Tender


February 9,th  2019

Selection of the tenderer



February 15,th 2019

Prices in the tender applications must be fixed amounts in Euro and will not be subject to revision. Cost incurred in preparing and submitting tenders  borne by the tenderers  cannot be reimbursed.     


L:  Qualifications of the Expert

General professional experience: 

  •      Tenderer must have at least five (5) years of working experience, of which at least 3 years of working experience in dealing with the EU or similar projects.

Qualifications and skills:

  •       Bachelor’s degree (where a degree has been awarded on completion of 3 years of study in a university or equivalent institution from a Department of Economy, or/and Accounting);
  •       Excellent communication and organization skills;
  •      Excellent command of spoken and written English;
  •        Excellent knowledge of Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian languages;
  •       IT literacy.



M: Method of submission and deadline


-Tenderers with the required profile shall submit the following documents:

  •    Proposal/ Financial offer for the service delivery (detailed list of estimated costs);
  •    CV; and
  •     At least two references with full contact details.

-Proposal should be in submitted in English language only.

  •   Deadline for submission of proposal is fifteen (15) days from the day of this announcement, which is February 9th, 2018.
  •     The proposal should be submitted via recommended post on the following address:

Behdžeta Mutevelića 39, 71000 Sarajevo, with the note: "Proposal "  as well as via email, on the following  email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


[1] http://www.unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/env/epr/epr_studies/bosnia_and_herzegovina%20II.pdf







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